Kitecamps in Tarifa

Kitecamps and Lessons

Kite school in Tarifa Opening timeApril To November
Average price for a kitesurfing camp in TarifaFrom 770€/Week*
Kitesurf Camp for beginners and advance ridersKite Lessons For Any Levels
5 days kktesurfing lessons 5 Days Kitesurfing
Iko kitesurf School TarifaIKO Kite School

Looking for a good time, engaging in sports, and surrounded by natural beauty? Tarifa is the ideal spot to unwind, pick up kitesurfing, and soak in a surfing vibe. At this kitesurf camp, you can choose between 15 or 20 hours of kite lessons per week, allowing you to progress at your own pace and ensuring that kitesurfing is always a pleasure. Whether you're looking to grasp the basics and become an independent rider or aiming to enhance your existing skills, there's a place for you.

Stay at the Surfers Residence and forge lasting connections with fellow kite enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to see, do, eat, or explore, this windy town has something for everyone. So let the wind guide you, pack your bags, and book your kite trip to Tarifa.

*Low season price – Individual room with shared bathroom.

Kite Camp Includes.

  • 15 hrs Kitesurfing Lessons A Week
  • IKO/FAV Certified Instructors
  • 2 Persons Per instructor With Each One A Kite
  • Brand New Equipment Of The Current Year
  • Radio Headset During The Kite Lessons
  • Rescue Boats During The Course
  • Accident & Liability Insurance
  • 6 nights’ accommodation at Surfers Residence*

What Awaits You

 Anticipate an easy and secure learning experience as you delve into the best practices of kitesurfing. The course is structured for intimate, semi-private classes with two individuals of similar skill levels, spanning across 5 days. The key to a successful learning journey also lies in using dependable gear. We refresh our kite equipment annually to guarantee you the finest experience. Brace yourself for your inaugural ride after just 5 days of training!

Make the most of your kite holiday at one of the most welcoming kite hostels in the old town, boasting an incredible rooftop and a communal kitchen for shared enjoyment.

Is this for me?

Our kite lessons cater to participants of all levels, whether you're a beginner or someone eager to master more technical tricks. No prior experience is required for this activity; all you need is the ability to swim.

Additional Activities in Tarifa.

  • Enhance Flexibility through Yoga
  • Strengthen Your Core with a Pilates Class
  • Explore the Surroundings through Hiking
  • Climb Betis Hill and Elevate Your Adrenaline
  • Venture into Natural Parks on a Mountain Bike
  • Enjoy a Sunset Horse Riding Experience
  • Paddle Day for Non-Windy Moments

Lesson Prices

1 instructor, 1 kite for 2

Cours de Kitesurf en Groupe Icone


3H Kite Lessons Per Day

1 Day – 75 €

2 Days – 150 €

3 Days – 220 €

4 Days – 290 €

5 Days – 350 €

1 instructor, 1 kite for 2

Cours de Kite formule Couple Icone


3H Kite Lessons Per Day

1 Day – 100 €

2 Days – 200 €

3 Days – 300 €

4 Days – 390 €

5 Days – 480 €

1 instructor, 2 kites for 2

Cours de kite Semi-privé icone


3H Kite Lessons Per Day

1 Day – 135 €

2 Days – 255 €

3 Days – 360 €

4 Days – 465 €

5 Days – 560 €

1 instructor, 1 kite for 1

Cours privéde kitesurf Icone


2H Kite Lessons Per Day

1 Day – 140 €

2 Days – 280 €

3 Days – 410 €

4 Days – 520 €

5 Days – 650 €


  Los Lances (SOUTH- Football stadium parking)

  Los Lances (NORTH- Aqua Bar)