One of our lives most important question: what will the surfing conditions be like?!?

Tarifa offers all year-around sunshine and comfortable temperatures. In winter it is during the day
about (12 ° -20 ° C) which isn’t too cold, and in the summer (22 ° -30 ° C) which isn’t too hot either.
Below you can find the latest weather forecast for Tarifa:


Here you can see the windforecast for Tarifa. From our expierence, Windguru is the best page to check Tarifa’s wind conditions.  When checking Windguru, we recommend the 2nd forecast – WRF9.

Windguru Windforecast Tarifa


Tarifa is probably rightly called the the Windcapital of Europe. The Strait of Gibraltar accelerates the wind like a nozzle. On a yearly average, 40% percent will blow the Levante (where the wind is coming from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic). Levante (from the East) is also translated: the wind comes from the east. The Poniente (from the West), blows from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and also contributes 40 percent of the wind time. On other days, the wind comes from south, usually in combination with high waves and rain in the morning. North wind is not typical for Tarifa and is usually gusty and not kiteable.

Here you find the waveforecast for El Palmar. Unfortunately Tarifa is not yet listed on Magic Sea Weed



The wetsuit question

Of course it depends on your sensitivity of cold and what kind of wetsuit you prefer…

Summertime (June-August)

  • Shorty
  • Overknee
  • Steamer

Spring (March-May) and Autum (September-October)

  • Overknee
  • Steamer
  • 5/3 wetsuit

Winter (November-February)

  • 5/3 wetsuit
  • drysuit

What Kitesize should I bring?


  • 9 – 14sqm


  • 5 – 12sqm



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